September 25, 2022

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Ukrainian Medic’s Months in a Russian Cell: Chilly, Soiled, and Used as a Assist

“They didn’t give us towels or something,” she stated. “No toothpaste, no toothbrush, nothing.” She stated she was solely allowed to bathe as soon as in three months and was by no means allowed to go away the constructing to take a stroll within the yard.

Many ladies incarcerated, she stated, have psychological issues.

Within the jail workplaces, officers hold portraits of Stalin and his two police chiefs, Genrikh Yionary and Lavrenti P. Beria. In Vladimir V. Putin’s Russia, the fame of the boys, who performed a key position in purging Stalin’s opponents, is being restored.

Detainees have been requested to sing and chant pro-Russian songs and slogans.

“After all, they compelled us to sing the Russian nationwide anthem,” she stated, including, “I discovered that. ‘Glory to Putin! Glory to Russia! ‘ All these silly exhortations”.

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