August 18, 2022

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Random: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Speedrun World file now belongs to Koroks

World file for operating pace any % of Breath of the Wild has a brand new proprietor: Koroks! No.

Beat Player5’s earlier world file was solely 5 seconds, Koroks’ run has lots of the identical tips because the run that’s at present runner-up. For starters, each play in French, which is clearly the most effective language for skimming via cutscenes and dialogue, and it seems to be like they each do the whole lot in the identical order: Collect bomb, magnesis, stasis, and cryonis powers earlier than grabbing the paraglider, making your strategy to the fortress, battling the lights, after which defeating Ganon and the Darkish Monster.

Koroks simply left a remark in regards to the world file run:

“Actually good. Spotlights could possibly be higher.”

So clearly, there’s nonetheless room for enchancment. We eagerly await a run in underneath 24 minutes.

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