October 3, 2022


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Papaya King, the recent canine pioneer within the Higher East, faces a attainable finish

Within the Nineteen Seventies, the restaurant carried out what The New York Occasions known as “scorching canine worth warWith Nathan’s well-known scorching canine, a Coney Island establishment, after Nathan’s opened a location subsequent to Papaya King. Each companies constantly diminished costs, and Nathan’s ultimately closed.

“And we received,” stated Peter Poulos, 83, Poulos’ son, who later took over the enterprise. He stated within the early 2000s he offered it to a brand new proprietor, who he wouldn’t be capable of determine. The connection between Extell, the restaurant’s former landlord, and the proprietor has been tied in litigation since Could 2020.

John Pierse, 73, of Yorkville, has been visiting Papaya King since he was an toddler. He at all times caught with the identical order: a easy sausage (later two sausages) and the restaurant’s largest portion of papaya juice.

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