August 17, 2022

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Killed at 71, Ayman al-Zawahri Led a Lifetime of Secrecy and Violence

His journey took him to Saudi Arabia after which, in 1986, again to Peshawar, the place Bin Laden generally lectured on the hospital the place Mr. al-Zawahri labored. Mr. al-Zawahri grew to become Bin Laden’s private doctor, arrange a safety drive round him and helped the Saudi start occupied with particular methods to harm the Western powers and the Center Jap governments they supported.

“When Ayman met Bin Laden, he created a revolution inside him,” Mr. Zayyat instructed The New Yorker. The deal was easy: Mr. al-Zawahri would provide the political acumen and an informed management cadre to show Bin Laden’s unfastened coalition, and his personal unformed impulses, into an instrument of mass homicide. Bin Laden supplied cash and status.

Mr. Zayyat, who as soon as shared an Egyptian jail cell with Mr. al-Zawahri, wrote that he was satisfied that Mr. al-Zawahri was extra accountable than Bin Laden for the assaults on the USA, a view shared by different counterterrorism specialists.

In 1998, Mr. al-Zawahri wrote a doc supposed to unite militant teams within the frequent reason for killing Individuals anyplace, not simply within the Center East. In 2001, his group, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, formally merged with Bin Laden’s Qaeda community to create Qaeda al Jihad.

Mr. al-Zawahri had the fragile process of explaining Al Qaeda’s deviation from Islamic teachings that prohibit killing harmless folks, notably Muslims, and that bar suicide. He maintained {that a} martyr’s true religion reversed these prohibitions.

“In keeping with him nearly all of Muslims around the globe will not be Muslim,” Azzam Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, instructed Time journal. “His concepts negate the existence of frequent floor with others, irrespective of faith.”

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