August 15, 2022

News and Update

Fidel Ramos, President of the Philippines who broke up with Marcos, dies on the age of 94

He married Amelita Martinez in 1954. She is survived by him, as are their 4 daughters, Angelita Ramos-Jones, Carolina Ramos-Sembrano, Cristina Ramos-Jalasco and Gloria Ramos. Fifth daughter, Josephine Ramos-Samartino, handed away in 2011.

After serving for Korea and Vietnam, Ramos returned to the Philippines in anger towards the Marcos regime. He joined the dictator’s interior circle, one of many “Rolex 12” advisers obtained a gold watch, and was appointed commander of the Philippine Constabulary, a nationwide safety drive specializing in countermeasures. with terrorists.

Banned by regulation from in search of a 3rd time period in 1972, Marcos declared martial regulation, citing threats from Communist and Muslim uprisings. Ruling by decree, he restricted civil liberties, shut down Congress and arrested dissidents, together with Aquino, who was jailed for seven years and shot lifeless at Manila airport when He returned from exile in 1983.

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