August 8, 2022

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Destiny / Further Report trailer reveals Noble Phantasms

Sort-Moon Studio BB distributed a brand new trailer for Destiny / Further Reporta remake of 2010 Destiny / Further. The brand new video is the primary trailer and replace on the state of the sport since late 2020. It reveals off a few of the different graphics updates the sport acquired within the interim. There are additionally clips from varied Servants’ Noble Phantasms and from in-game story sequences.

Try the trailers beneath.

2022 Destiny / Further Report The trailer options narration by Twice’s character H. Pieceman, in addition to by Saber, Rin, Julius, and Rider. Different characters from the sport reminiscent of Taiga, Leo, Rani and Shinji additionally make their first look right here. Exploring environments and gameplay are proven, in addition to cutscenes of Dan Blackmore’s Servant’s battles with Archer and Lancer. It ends with the photographs of Rider’s Noble Illusion, and when Saber summons her Aestus Domus Aurea.

Destiny / Further first launched in 2010 on the PSP. Part of Destiny / Keep Night time, it tells the unique story of the “Holy Grail Warfare on the Moon”, between Masters summoned to a digital surroundings managed by the Moon Cell, a supercomputer highly effective sufficient to change actuality. It acquired a Japanese-specific sequel, Destiny / Further CCCand later became an motion sport Destiny / Extella and Destiny/Extella . Hyperlink. Destiny / Further launched quite a lot of Servants that might later turn into important characters in a wider vary Future franchises, particularly tales about Destiny / Grand Order. The Servants Nero Claudius, Francis Drake, Tamamo-no-Mae, Sessyoin Kiara, Robin Hood, and the extra widespread Servants are all descended from Destiny / Further or its associated means.

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Regardless of the arrival of a brand new trailer, Destiny / Further Report no launch window or confirmed worldwide launch plans but. It was first introduced in July 2020, together with a video in progress of the sport. In December 2020, Sort-Moon Studio BB launched one other Caster-focused trailer.

Destiny / Further Report is within the means of improvement. It has no goal platform or launch window specified presently.